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Cowon Mold Tech Co., Ltd. was established

The spread of the global epidemic in 2020 will have a huge impact on the world economy. China, as the world's largest manufacturing country, the foreign trade industry bears the brunt of the spread. HLC Metal Part Ltd has been rooted in the manufacture and export of hardware parts for 17 years, and it is also facing severe tests. From the beginning of 2020, orders cannot be produced normally, demand in foreign markets has plummeted, and flight transportation has been restricted. In addition to ensuring that existing orders continue to be produced, companies also need to develop more new projects to maintain operations.

As early as 2013, Mr. Feng Zhaohui, the general manager of HLC, began to lay out a global strategy and established an office in Monterrey, Mexico, to determine the ultimate goal of market development: plastic mold manufacturing. After several years of precipitation, it has successfully knocked on the door of the American market through Mexico. At the beginning of 2020, HLC's shared workshop area in Mexico has exceeded 3000 square meters, and the enterprise qualifications are complete.
During the epidemic, the assembly and manufacturing of masks, hardware manufacturing, and plastic mold equipment can also be met. However, because the foreign epidemic situation has not improved significantly, the company can only suspend its talent delivery strategy.


But for the production and manufacture of plastic molds, we have never stopped pursuing it. Dongguan is located in the industrial manufacturing terminal of the Pearl River Delta, gathering high-quality manufacturing forces across the country. It also has excellent mold manufacturers. After several months of investigation and communication,  HLC Metal parts Co., Ltd. formally acquired Cowwin Tech Co.,LTD in October 2020, and officially established Cowon Mold Tech Co., Ltd. on October 27.

Cowon now has a mature and exquisite foreign trade sales team and design engineers with more than 10 years of experience.designing and manufacturing of super high quality Plastic injection molds and jigs for Automotive industry.
Now it has the most advanced high-speed machines, large-scale CNC, EDM, deep hole drilling, CMM and other manufacturing and testing equipment. Stable delivery, full quality control, delivery of various auto parts and plastic molds with quality and quantity, such as Lighting system,Instrument panel,HVAC,Centre consoles, Bumper,Grilles,Door, Engine system,Sunroof system, ABCD Pillars and Radiator tank etc.
HLC head office continues to develop and goes further and further in hardware and plastic manufacturing.