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A new model shared by overseas factories, Dongguan manufacturing group layout Mexico market


    The intricate overseas trade situation has not affected the determination and perseverance of Dongguan manufacturing enterprises to “go global”.  On June 13th, HLC Metal parts Ltd spoke in a "Dongguan manufacturing enterprises go out" forum sharing session, which triggered a strong response in Dongguan manufacturing industry! Mr. Feng Zhaohui, Chairman of the Board of Directors, on the innovative approach of “grabbing the North American Back Garden Mexico Market”, has enabled the vast number of manufacturing companies to see new development opportunities and find new ways to develop. After the sharing session, more than 30 Dongguan manufacturing companies signed up for the Mexican overseasstudy tour in August 2019. The heads of these manufacturing companies are about to rush to Mexico to investigate and seek new opportunities for development. They are preparing to attack the Mexican overseas market.



      HLC Metal Parts Ltd, which laid out the Mexican market ahead of schedule four years ago, are the initiators of the Mexican market research activities. They will share their resources in the Mexican market and share the new model of the factory to help more Dongguan manufacturing companies Go out." "We are willing to share our factory resources in Mexico, so that manufacturers can safely and effortlessly go out to sea." Mr. Feng Zhaohui, chairman of HLC, pointed out that Mexico is the back garden of the US market and actively takes the market in the current complex international situation. The terminal is a new way for Dongguan manufacturing enterprises. According to reports, the HLC Metal Parts Ltd, which has many years of foreign trade experience, has already made a good start, and opened a factory to build a “Dongguan Commodity Mexico Exhibition Center” to prepare the Mexican market in advance. It is reported that HLC established a branch office in Mexico in 2015 and employed several Mexican local employees. After several years of hard work , and HLC has broken the traditional model of manufacturing, and has extended its reach to overseas customers and strives for more market resources. It has successfully developed into the world including GM, Panasonic, and Martina. Orders from the top 500 companies have laid a solid market foundation for expanding investment in Mexico and establishing factories. At the same time, relying on the deep local relationship resources, HLC has become a bridge for exchanges and cooperation between Dongguan and Mexico. During the period of 2016-2018, HLC Metal Parts Ltd successively hosted the Mexico-Dongguan cooperation and exchange meeting, was responsible for receiving the Mexican delegation to Dongguan, and organized the Dongguan enterprise group to enter Mexico, which promoted the friendly cooperation between the Dongguan government and the Mexican government. 



    According to reports, Mexico, which is close to the United States, not only has outstanding talent advantages, but also enjoys various tax conveniences, so that manufacturing companies are not free to develop. Mexico's high-level universities have more than 900 technical engineering graduate programs, and these high-quality people's savings are guaranteed by Mexican manufacturing technology. In terms of tariff policy, in accordance with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a zero-tariff policy is available. At present, the products produced in Mexico are exported to the US market with zero tariffs. From the perspective of logistics, there is no doubt that the geographical advantage of the car completed in Mexico on the same day can be shipped to the United States for sale the next day.
   At this time, the “Dongguan Manufacturing Enterprise Going Out” forum sharing meeting held by relevant departments of Dongguan, Mr. Feng Zhaohui saw the urgent need for Dongguan manufacturing enterprises to seek new ways out. “Many manufacturing companies took the initiative to consult us on the Mexican market and hope to learn more about Mexico through us.” Mr. Feng Zhaohui revealed at the meeting that the vast number of manufacturing companies are eager to find a new road to development. In order to meet the demands of the company, the company temporarily decided at the end of this month. (June 28th) Open a sharing session to let more companies understand the Mexican market and follow the trend to enter the Mexican market. This “Mexico Market Inspection Activity” is assisted by Dongguan Ruizhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and there will be continuous inspection activities in the follow-up, and interested companies can dock.

       The ‘Mexico inspection event docking’ QR code is as follows: