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How To Localize The Overseas Manufacturing 

11th.Dec 2017

Large overseas markets, how to create market share for the manufacture of Dongguan, making more money in the United States and the euro? Data shows that more than 60% of entrepreneurs have been to abroad, what are you still hesitate? !
For a long time, Dongguan model is an open model of economic development, high dependence on foreign trade is an indisputable fact that the development of foreign trade in Dongguan has never been out of the fate of export foundry. The reality of "going to sea" in Dongguan enterprises is not only the basic status quo of China's foreign trade export business, but also a real difficulty facing manufacturing industries in Dongguan that can not really go to the overseas market.
Last weekend, during the 2017 International Technology Cooperation Week China (Dongguan), Tian An Cyber ​​City T5 will work together to find the most representative overseas representative of sea-going enterprises and the well-known invited guests in the investment community to jointly discuss the new topics covered under the sea mouth.

At the scene of the event, Mr. Feng Zhaohui, general manager of Dongguan HLC Cross-border E-commerce, as a representative made in Dongguan, discussed the experience of manufacturing industry in the overseas market with other leading makers.

Let us work together to seize new opportunities to promote cross-border exports, focus on the traditional manufacturing enterprises to explore new overseas markets and integrate global resources so that "Made in Dongguan" can directly connect with overseas local channels.
The general manager Mr. Jack Feng said: with many years experiences in overseas market, Dongguan HLC  have been cultivating the European and American markets for many years. They have not only cooperated with many well-known overseas brands, but also have their own shops and explosions on the e-commerce platform such as Amazon. Now, HLC is going to build an independent overseas warehouse in the United States. It will build a hardware fittings industrial park in Mexico, expand its manufacturing footprint in Dongguan, put the last ring made in 
Dongguan on the overseas market and strive for more local tax advantages and resources. HLC experienced overseas sales team, e-commerce leader, the current platform has been successfully built to help more than 30 manufacturing enterprises to open up overseas markets, and its products are exported overseas. If you are a manufacturing company, but also ready to seek "overseas", you can definitely choose HLC cross-border electricity supplier quality sales team to help you to open up new territories. . . .