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Welcome The Mexican State Mission

October 11th.2017

      On October 11, Dongguan HLC usher in an important long-distance guests: from the core leadership of the state of the Philippines, the official delegation. For the attention of Dongguan HLC in Mexico to build hardware accessories industrial park plan, the representatives of the Mexico came to HLC Shenzhen LOHAS company on the 11th morning, with the company's main leaders close talks, and in site agreement reached for the future and lay a solid foundation in the hardware accessories industrial park construction in the future in Mexico.



      At the same time, Mexican high-quality agricultural products, fresh aquatic products, imported wine will soon be introduced to the Chinese market through HLC.

      The success of this study will further promote the development of cross-border electricity business in the Mexican market and the future planning, accelerate HLC construction progress in the Mexican hardware accessories industry park, and further pull into the Dongguan manufacturing and Mexico terminal market distance. The bridge of Dongguan made through Mexico has been built up!


      Although the arrival of the Mexican government in Cairo, Mexico is not an official invitation, but its enough to see the Mexican official attention to the HLC this private enterprises. It is noteworthy that the delegation of the entire reception  by the Dongguan HLC.

      In fact, as early as mid-September, Dongguan Mayor Liang Weidong led a delegation to visit Mexico, Dongguan HLC as a core business, signed a cooperation with the Mexican side of the letter of intent, that plans to invest in Mexico to buy land to build hardware accessories industrial park, For the manufacture of Dongguan to build a new platform through the Mexican market terminal. The investment intention has been the focus of the Mexican Coahuila state which lay the foundation for future good cooperation.


      It is worth mentioning that not only HLC in the Mexican hardware accessories industry park will be the official support of the Mexican state delegation delegation,  the Mexican state delegation delegation also suggested HLC build South American electricity business platform for the cultivation of Internet talent in Mexico!