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Layout Of The City Of Toledo

September 18th. 2017

    On September 18, the core business representatives led by the Dongguan government participated in the business delegation to the United States Toledo City (Toledo City). The arrival of the Dongguan manufacturing team, received a warm reception from the local government, Toledo City (Toledo City) in the mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson full reception of the delegation members with the majority of business representatives close exchanges. The survey trip, Dongguan manufacturing industry in Toledo City (Toledo City) set up a communication platform to promote further cooperation in the future.

    According to news, China will be with the United States, Toledo City, the United States to prepare for the exchange of sister cities, cultural and educational, economic investment for two-way exchange. In fact, Dongguan is an important manufacturing city in the country, and the city of Toledo is also a traditional heavy industry city, not only convenient transportation, and connecting the northwest and most of the southeastern Canada industrial market.

    As a core member of the Dongguan manufacturing delegation, Dongguan HLC responded to government calls to ready to invest in the local construction. From the general manager of Feng Zhaohui the latest information, Dongguan and Toledo friendly handshake at the same time, Dongguan HLC ready to buy factories in the United States Toledo to build, integrate hardware manufacturing, to help more manufacturing in Dongguan and even help China Manufacturing companies go out to seize the broader overseas market. Paula Hicks-Hudson, mayor of Toledo, said he would support it.

    It is worth noting that the United States Toledo City is a zero sales tax city. Tax advantages and logistics facilities, so that Dongguan HLC prepared to invest in the city. Now, Dongguan HLC ready to set up the largest electricity business warehousing in the United States , and the last process of processing center settled in Toledo City!