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Dongguan(China)--Silicon Valley(US) Technological Innovation Forum


  On September 16, Dongguan Mayor Liang Weidong led the Dongguan delegation to the United States, San Francisco. According to the latest news, the mayor led the representative of Dongguan on behalf of enterprises in San Francisco opened a China • Dongguan - the United States • Silicon Valley technology innovation promotion meeting.


    Dongguan production has a very huge influence. Based on the outstanding contribution of the thousands of Chinese people in the San Francisco Bay Area, Li Mengxian, the Mayor of the Chinese city of San Francisco expressed their welcome to the delegation of Dongguan. 


    On the 16th, Dongguan delegation visited our overseas warehouse in the United States! As a representative of Dongguan enterprises, Jack Feng, the general manager of HLC introduced the cross-border electricity business and the overseas warehouses situation in the United States. As a focus on heavy goods exports of cross-border electric business enterprises, HLC has deep plowing the US market for many years, through the United States with the local logistics contract, you can achieve direct delivery of heavy goods products.

    Dongguan HLC has been focused on heavy cargo exports, its more than 10 years of foreign trade business in Europe and the United States market has an irreplaceable logistics advantages. Now, Dongguan HLC is upgrading their own logistics advantages in the United States San Francisco which is equipped with 5,000 square warehouse as a base, to create a complete logistics and distribution system to achieve the US market distribution.