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2017Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)


The Hongkong electronic products exhibition, sponsored by the Hongkong Trade Development Bureau, has become the world's largest comprehensive trade exhibition of electronic products. Hongkong international electronic components and production technology exhibition is jointly sponsored by Hongkong Trade Development Bureau and German International Exhibition Limited. It is a professional exhibition in the field of electronic 
components, components and production technology. More than 70% of the exhibitors in these two exhibitions have been exhibiting continuously, and the mainland enterprises are actively participating in the exhibition, and the effect is outstanding.


Electronic products exhibition:audio-visual consumer products, automotive electronics and navigation systems, and computer peripherals, digital imaging, electronic accessories, electronic products, household appliances, electronic games, electronic health care, office automation, security products, telecommunications products and service.


Electronic component exhibition:all kinds of electronic components and accessories, components, electronic materials, electronic equipment, instrument and instrument optical instruments and tools. Optoelectronic display products, solar photovoltaic products.