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2017 China (Dongguan) Business Cooperation With Mexico

    On September 14 in Mexico, "China (Dongguan) famous products into the Mexican cooperation matchmaking" held in Mexico. Dongguan Mayor Liang Weidong is to promote the manufacture of Dongguan, and drying out of Dongguan in the introduction of talent, ecological environment, innovation development and other areas of the outstanding advantages. At the same time, to lead the majority of Dongguan manufacturing enterprises bold "going out"! At the event, Ms. Wu Gatti, Mayor of Trento Pantra, Mexico, presented and delivered a speech to lay the foundation for Dongguan to make future friendly cooperation with Mexico.

    At this time, the Dongguan government for the enterprise platform, the mayor in command to the Mexican market tour, and actively lead the Dongguan enterprises to explore the Mexican market, with practical action to lead the Dongguan manufacturing enterprises with big step.


    As the representative of Dongguan enterprises, HLC general manager of cross-border electricity business Feng Zhaohui who is planning to get 100 acres of land to create the Mexican accessories industry park, seamless docking Dongguan manufacturing, to achieve direct manufacturing in Dongguan, Mexico terminal market!

    Mexico as a manufacturing base in North America, it brought together a lot of the world's top 500 enterprises. These companies are investing in manufacturing facilities in Mexico to supply the strong sales markets in the United States and Canada. These manufacturing enterprises’ hardware accessories, auto parts products demand is very large, the future of market development prospects is worth of waiting. 

    Feng Zhaohui said that HLC set up offices in Mexico in 2014, and it has a dedicated team dedicated to the analysis and research in the Mexican market, while holding a certain number of Mexican customer resources.